Welcome to Innovation and Partnerships at McGill

Under the leadership of Sylvain Coulombe, Associative Vice-Principal, Innovation and Partnerships (pictured), 八戒网站免费观看视频I+P is the primary resource at McGill for bringing researchers and industry partners together for the generation of knowledge and technologies.

Our mission: To enhance McGill University’s local, regional, and global impact. Through partnerships, we create viable routes for translating research and discoveries into products, processes, and services to benefit society.

Our vision: To increase collaborations between McGill researchers and industry, to transform more of McGill’s research into market-ready inventions and to be recognized as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

We invite you to learn more about our values and to explore our services in the sections below. 

McGill’s Nahum Sonenberg established a new paradigm for understanding and treating human disease.

Open Labs is an initiative of I+P to initiate cross-disciplinary collaborations across the hrbcctv.commpuses and Research Institutes. 

Active Startups

Listing of McGill Open Labs

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